Month: November 2018

These Two Things That Can Make Your Running Sports More Enjoyable

Posted on November 5, 2018 by

The many creative ideas to make fundraising more attractive to many people make an organization need an event organizer that helps them organize many things. Daniel Ballerini can also help you in organizing this so that the events you do can run well.

One of the creative ideas of a person or organization to raise funds is to have a fun charity run. This is not without reason, because lately many people like running, the charity run is considered a very appropriate event. There are several things that can make a charity run more enjoyable.

1. Target distance
There is an event that aims to run 15 km, but the effort feels nil you do. Make it into pieces of distance that allow you to achieve. Create a mini stage and use the checkpoint as a target that you must achieve. Like to finish the first 5 km in 40 minutes, to the point of 10 km before sunset or meet a friend. Then at the last 15 km, you are targeting to meet someone to do dinner. In this way, you have many goals that are achieved by only doing one run period. Because charity run is not a race that you have to win, so try your best as you can at the event.

2. Charity run has a reason
Dig deeper and find out the real reason why you jump into this running activity. Is it to lose weight? To be fit and healthy? To live a healthy, active lifestyle? Relieve stress? Or is your material running only to cure broken hearts? Not only that, but you can also do running with the aim of raising funds. Once you identify your own reasons, it will be your most powerful motivation to run.

These two things can make the exercise you do have a purpose and can make you more eager to do it.