Get These Benefits With Routine Listening to Music

Posted on October 10, 2018 by

For those of you who can’t escape music, you will definitely depend on it. Whether it’s starting the day, when you’re happy or sad, there is music that will accompany you. In addition to habits, there is a kind of pleasant bond that you have with the music itself. The following are some reasons why you need to listen to music using ballerina music boxes.


– Hearing training

People who are used to listening to music have better-listening abilities than those who rarely listen to music. According to a Canadian study, the habit of listening to music can inhibit a decrease in hearing quality due to age.

– Overcoming anxiety

Positive emotions that arise after listening to music can also reduce a person’s level of anxiety. Those who like to enjoy music also have lower blood pressure than those who don’t like listening to music.

– Healthy heart

A study conducted at the University of Maryland, USA, found that listening to pleasant music can widen the size of blood vessels to 26% of their original size. As a result, blood flow is getting smoother so that heart health is maintained.

– Sharpening memory

Research has found that music listening therapy can be used to improve amnesia. Because the part of the brain that functions to process music is located right next to the part of the brain that functions to store memory. That’s why stimulation on the side of the brain that processes music can also affect the side of the brain in charge of storing memory.

– Improve body immunity

The activity of listening to music that someone likes can help increase the amount of immunoglobin A, a type of antibody in the body. Not only that but listening to music can also reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can reduce the performance of the body’s immune system.

– Trim food portions

Good news for those of you who are on a diet. Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, states that eating events accompanied by soft music and dim lights can make a person eat less than when he ate without music.

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