If You Want to Know the Benefits of Hajj, These Are the Benefits to Be Gained

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We all know that Hajj is a very noble service. The Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The fifth order of the pillars of Islam is obligatory for those who are able to carry it out. Nowadays all Muslims in the world are preparing to perform the Hajj on holy land using various kinds of hajj packages 2018 to support the quality of the Hajj.

As one form of compulsory worship, then for Muslims, Hajj has many benefits including:

– Increase Faith and Strengthen Faith.
On the implementation of this pilgrimage, of course, all Muslims in the world gather. Of various races, tribes, countries and so on and all gathered for one purpose, namely to run one pillar of Islam and worship closer to Allah. With various kinds of citizens and various forms and kinds of people with one goal, it will increase our faith.

– Cleanse the small and sinful sins that have been committed
This Hajj is one of the wisdom of performing Hajj is one of the religious shari’a in order to cleanse sin, although there are also many ways to cleanse sin besides this Hajj. Working on the Hajj is an opportunity to repent and ask forgiveness from Allah. There are several places in the Hajj work that are a must place to pray and repent.

– Get to know each other and advise each other
Among the Hajj lessons are that Muslims can get to know each other and interact with each other and advise with Al-Haq. They came from all directions, from west, east, south, and north of Mecca, gathered in the house of God, at Arafat, at Muzdalifah, in Mina, and in Makkah. They know each other, advise one another, some teach others, guide, help, help to benefit the afterlife, prayer, zakat, the benefits of guidance, direction and preaching to the nets of God.

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