Keep Your Smartphone Screen With These Four Ways

Posted on September 14, 2018 by

At present, almost all smartphones use a touchscreen that requires you to always look after it because the screen is vulnerable to being damaged and scratched. So, when you have a gadget with type s8 plus and experience damage to the screen, you should immediately look for s8 plus screen repair to handle the problem.

But, there are some of the best ways for you who want to keep your smartphone’s touchscreen so that it can be used for a long time. The method referred to here is

1. Use a scratch-resistant coating
Don’t delay, because this makes us lazy to do it. It is highly recommended that when you buy a smartphone, it is better to install it immediately so that the screen can avoid things that are not desirable from the start. Continue to the next tips, how to clean the screen.

2. Do not use rags while cleaning the screen
Tips for maintaining the smartphone screen then relate to how to clean. Do the right way so that the goal originally intended to maintain cleanliness does not end with regret. The most appropriate cleaning method is to use a dry and smooth cloth.

3. Don’t place it in a pants pocket
This is often done by most people, this causes your smartphone screen to be scratched and quickly damaged by pressure. If you really have to put it in the bag you should cover your smartphone with a protector.

4. Avoid nails
Many people use their nails to operate smartphones. This will actually increase the chances of the screen experiencing scratches or damage, especially by sharp nails. Therefore, you should avoid using nails because the touchscreen or touchscreen smartphone is not designed for the use of nails, but using fingers.

Unfortunately, these four things are often done by many people because they think it will not have a big effect and will not make their smartphone screen become damaged and scratched.

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