Know this when you visit Mols Bjerge

Posted on October 4, 2018 by

Although Mols Bjerge is a national park, it doesn’t mean that the entire area will be the wilderness. In fact, within its territory, there is a beautiful old town called Ebeltoft that you can visit for a more leisure type of activities instead of the outdoor ones. However, around the town, you may want to ride a bike to see the beauty of nature that the nationalpark mols bjerge offers to its visitors.

Moreover, it’s not just about the mountain itself. It’s because of the beach and the sea in that area are also very beautiful. You may try surfing and sailing in this national park as well.

Aside from that, if you love to have an educational vacation, the town of Ebeltoft can give you a great lesson about its history. Its rich history from 700 years ago is well-preserved thanks to the government and the locals, while there are also several museums that you may visit while you stay in that town.

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