Know What Types of Medication You Can Take When Diarrhea

Posted on September 21, 2018 by

Many people think that diarrhea is a simple disease and does not need to be treated immediately. In fact, this disease will obviously bring an uncomfortable feeling when you feel it and as a marker that your intestine is in a bad condition So, when you feel diarrhea, you must know cara mengatasi diare.

Overcome dehydration with ORS or drink lots of water in large quantities. Water intake is very important to prevent dehydration. Visit a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.
The following are some types of medications to treat diarrhea:

– Treatment of diarrhea with drugs to bind water so that stools are more dense, such as attapulgite drugs.
– Treatment of diarrhea with drugs to stop intestinal peristalses such as papaverine.
– Treatment of diarrhea with antibiotics or antiparasitics is consumed when the results of stool examination indicate a bacterial infection or parasitic infection such as amoeba.

When diarrhea, you also need to consume foods that contain lots of fiber and keep your body in good condition.

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