The right way of inhaling when you’re using a vaporizer

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The way to suck vapor is different from smoking conventional cigarettes (tobacco). Of course, because the material used is different, if this vapor uses a liquid that is heated to turn into steam, conventional tobacco cigarettes are burned to produce smoke. Meanwhile, you may also want to know How to Turn Wax Into e Liquid .

The way to suck vapor is different from conventional cigarettes. Most of those who first smoked vapor will experience coughing, this is due to shock. People who usually smoke with conventional cigarettes smoke little. Unlike the vapor, steam is produced so much that steam will fill the oral cavity.

When a person smokes, they will suck their cigarettes with a rather strong straw that will produce smoke in their mouths, they will release the smoke a little and return to smoke the smoke that is still left in the mouth to get the pleasure of cigarettes (mouth to lung technique). If you first suck the vapor in the way above it is likely to experience coughing. The main reason is that this vapor, when suctioned a little, has produced quite a lot of steam.

The following is how to suck the vapor correctly:

Before sucking the vapor, try suctioning the air from your mouth slowly and then slowly.

If you are used to doing this, try suctioning vapor like sucking the air. Just a little, don’t be forced first.

Suction is a little more, if you are used to it you can suck it a little strong so that the more steam it produces.

All you have to do is get used to. Eventually, you will feel enjoyment like smoking in general.


If you are not familiar with the vapor, do not try mouth to lung technique (like smoking cigarettes in general) because if you are not strong, usually coughing, you can try after being sucked directly through the nose or mouth (without smoking like conventional cigarettes), then when you are used to can try mouth to lung technique.

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