Types of Introverts or Extroverts Seen from Habits in Social Media

Posted on September 25, 2018 by

There are several types of personality but generally divided into extroverts and introverts. One way to find out if we are one of them can be seen from the habits on social media. Extroverts, in Psychological Types by psychologist Carl Jung, are defined as people who enjoy being among many people. Those who are extroverted generally have a strong desire for exciting new experiences, social relationships, and opportunities to lead.

While introverts are defined as people who prefer to be alone in some creative activities, such as reading or drawing. They are not anti-social, it’s just that the introvert feels more suited to socializing in a smaller social sphere. They have close and strong empathy and friendship with just a few people. Are you an introvert looking for a partner? Visit introvert dating site.

There are also ambiverts, those who have extroverted and introverted characters. Our passions for certain social media and how to interact in them can actually show our personality type.

1. Social media or site?

In searching for information, so we tend to prefer to search on social media like Twitter or directly to the site we want? Those who are introverted tend to read what they want to read and don’t care whether other people agree or not with them. While extroverts are happy if everyone knows what they read and their views about current issues, even opening discussions. If you prefer to search for information on social media, one point is for extroverts.

2. The frequency of checking social media

How often do you check social media in a day? Those who are extroverted tend to think that social media is a big thing. They sometimes have many different and very active accounts. Extroverts can be stressful or upset if other people don’t like or comment on what they upload. This becomes one of their markers valued and recognized. As for introverts, they can upload status or statements then leave. Sometimes they don’t log in social media in a few days. If you only check social media once a day or maybe less often than that, then add one point to an introvert.

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