What Color of Granite Stone Is Suitable For Your Kitchen Design?

Posted on October 26, 2018 by

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is often done by people to avoid boredom. Both those who have lived in a house for a long time and those who have recently lived in the house. The nature of people is different, that’s what causes people who often remodel a bathroom or kitchen and some that take years to decide to remodel a bathroom or kitchen.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is usually not done alone. Most people need remodeler services to help remodel. Because by using remodeler services it will save costs. When using remodeler services, you will be asked to choose colors. Red can look charming when juxtaposed with polished walls with gray. While pine green is a versatile color that can be combined with other colors. To love pastel colors, mint green is best for your kitchen cabinet. The character is fresh and soft, can blend with various styles of kitchen both retro and modern.

After choosing a color, the remodeler will usually start removing the cabinet door. To be more effective, they will release the entire door or partition in the drawer is the right step. So, they can paint these difficult parts more freely on the floor, which is already covered with old newspapers. Usually, they do not forget to label each part of the door or drawer, so as to facilitate the work when trying to install it again.

After removing the cabinet door, the remodeler will clean the cabinet from dust and dirt and then smooth the surface. This step is applied if the condition of your cabinet has been problematic, such as there is a deep hole or scratch. After smoothing, then sand it.

The final step is to paint parts of your cabinet. If your kitchen cabinet is painted with wood paint, then repainting must use the same type of paint. Likewise applies to cabinets painted with a special liquid. The first step in painting is to select a brush whose recommendations are good and apply to all cabinet surfaces following the direction of the wood fiber. After being painted, wait and let it dry for several hours. Then repaint it again to get a flat and perfect result.

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